Hello and welcome lady!

My name is Hannah Allsop and I am a quarter-life coach. I support women who are going through a quarter-life crisis - and I've been there, big time!

I work with women who are feeling stuck, lost and empty, wondering what this thing called life is. Together, we work to find your purpose, your why, and look to shift anything that no longer serves you, allowing you to create the life of your dreams.

I know what it's like to just keep going through the motions 'keep calm (or not!) and carry on' is what we have been conditioned to do and I think it's utter BS. I feel so passionate about waking women up to the shiny possibilities out there for them, empowering them to rise up and own their lives and themselves, because we all deserve fulfilment, happiness and purpose!

My clients know they were put on this earth to do more than eat, sleep, repeat and they are ready to make some big changes. I love being the cheerleader to help them achieve their goals and live their best life. I aim to strike the perfect balance between holding a compassionate and safe space, allowing my clients to open up and show up for themselves, whilst holding them accountable to themselves and their goals.

My clients learn to shift their mindset and live the life they crave and deserve - and yes, you DO deserve it! Are you ready to find your purpose and create the life of your dreams? Find out about my coaching services here.

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work with me

12 week
1 to 1 series

12 weeks to dive deep.

6x 1 to 1 bi-weekly sessions plus lots more.

2 week
1 to 1 series

2 weeks, 2 sessions to get clear and set you on your new path.

client feedback

"I found coaching with Hannah to be empowering, aligning, inspiring, so much so that I have booked another coaching series with her to continue to support my journey!"

Jessica Louise, Alberta, Canada

find your purpose

Finding my purpose lifted and shifted me out of my quarter-life crisis.


I believe that finding your purpose, your WHY, is one of the key elements to escaping your quarter-life crisis.

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