client feedback

"Before my coaching series, I had extremely low self-esteem and was stuck in a rut of negative thoughts. I was comparing myself to others, especially on social media, and was on the way to developing an eating disorder. It was affecting my relationship, friendships, and job.

I hit a point in lockdown last year where I was crying myself to sleep because I hated myself so much - how I looked, my figure, and my ‘weird’ personality. I couldn’t see how I was ever going to feel any different. It was exhausting, and I got to the point of wanting to take my own life because I couldn’t bear to keep living like that.

Having tried counselling and CBT in the past, I knew I needed something that would help me to look forward, focus on the future and give me a kick up the arse. My bestie recommended coaching and I thought “fuck it, what have I got to lose?"

During my discovery call, I was quite emotional and scared about what might come up but I liked Hannah straight away and it was a relief to tell her all my shit. We had some similarities and with her being the same age as me, I felt like she understood me. I felt reassured and really optimistic.

Since then, I have witnessed a stop in the train of negative thoughts, learnt to accept my empathic and sensitive nature, and feel confident knowing that my quirks are what makes me who I am. After our last coaching session, I was doing my makeup in the mirror and for the first time, I felt beautiful – it was literally a life changing moment for me, one I didn’t expect to have.

My friends have noticed a huge difference in my attitude and the way I talk about myself. I can almost “see what they see” now. I am going to quote my boyfriend because it was proper cute: “You realising who you are is the most special beautiful event in the world, no greater satisfaction”.

I am so grateful for my coaching experience as I am now a different person in just 12 weeks. I have been pushed out of my comfort zone, supported, encouraged, empowered, reassured, challenged, rewarded, inspired – the list goes on. It exceeded all my expectations and has been life changing and healing - I don’t think that word is used enough when describing coaching."

I can now boldly step out and unapologetically trust my authentic self and abilities. I can love myself unconditionally, with gratitude and FINALLY feel sassy and beautiful!

Lorna Crawford, Warrington, UK

"I was confused with what I wanted to do with my career so I set a goal to find my purpose - the answer became clear just from the questions Hannah asked me in our first session. By the second session I was able to create a plan of action to help me set up my own business.

The biggest change I've noticed since coaching with Hannah is my gain in confidence. Before, I lacked the confidence to take any action and was paralysed with fear. I was terrified of talking on camera even though it was necessary for my social media following. I am now posting regular video content thanks to Hannah.

"Hannah is such a kind, gentle and truly insightful coach to work with. Hannah never missed a beat and always touched on or asked about things I had been thinking about or working on already but hadn’t yet mentioned, which made me feel like I was fully in safe hands.

One of my goals during my coaching series with Hannah was to ‘Find a job that supports my creative journey’. Already, by the second session, I had found, applied for, interviewed, done a trial day and officially secured a job that had met all that I was hoping for!


I truly believe that the discussions I had with Hannah in the first session, and the work we had set myself to do before the next session, meant that I was finally clear on exactly what I wanted in a job and felt motivated to just go for it, knowing that I had a life-coach in my corner, cheering me on and checking in on me to keep me accountable.

When I discovered Hannah was a coach, I immediately knew it was something I needed. I found the coaching series eye opening and clarifying. The timing was perfect and we spent time on what I needed. Hannah also helped me learn how to set goals more clearly which I will use going forward.

I would recommend Hannah to anyone who is struggling to define which career path to take, or needs that extra accountability to push their business forward. Hire Hannah, she will help tremendously."

Nancy Ramos, California USA.

Mum & Organiser for Home & Business @neatbynancy

I was absolutely amazed by this result and my coaching work with Hannah absolutely had a huge role in helping me get the results I wanted in my life! Having coached with Hannah for 3 months, I believe I am a much more pro-active and clear-headed person than I ever was before, and this was all with Hannah being so kind and gentle in the process. I loved working with Hannah and would work with her again without a doubt!"

Genevieve, Surrey UK.

"Before I started coaching with Hannah I was feeling lost and unmotivated with little confidence in myself, my abilities and making decisions. I really wanted some help to shift this mindset and to believe in myself more so I could accomplish my goals and feel more fulfilled in my life.

I was a little nervous to start coaching but was very excited and ready to make some changes and share my thoughts with Hannah whilst gaining her positive perspective and ideas. It felt good to be doing something proactive to help with something I had been struggling with for quite some time.

By the end of the first session it was clear what my goals were and how I really wanted to feel by the end of the series. I realised how long I had been stuck in a rut and it made me feel even more determined.

The biggest change I have witnessed in myself is my change of mindset. I used to think I needed all the answers and put so much pressure on myself to make decisions and know what I wanted for my future. Now, thanks to Hannah, I have realised that it is so important to live in the now and be grateful for all that I have in my life currently. I have faith now that my future is already mapped out for me and that if I focus and put positive energy into what is happening in my life currently, my future will take care of itself. The right thing will come to me at the right time.

I found coaching with Hannah to be positive , enlightening and motivational. I am so grateful to her for her patience and positivity and am so glad I took the opportunity to work with her. Hannah has helped to change my way of thinking and outlook on life for the better!" 

Hannah Downes, Wiltshire, UK


"When I first contacted Hannah, I felt like I was on the verge of an awakening and I needed someone to support me through it. I felt called to do great things and live a big life, but I needed someone to faithfully encourage and challenge me, and that’s who Hannah became in my life. When I had my discovery session with Hannah I could feel that her vibes, knowledge and skills were in alignment with my goals. Hannah was organised, knowledgeable, attentive and genuinely interested in my wellbeing.

I felt nervous going into the first session because I was going to share my dreams and aspirations out loud for the first time and to a stranger (at the time!) but Hannah made me feel comfortable right away and seemed very human in her communication. I appreciated that Hannah took the lead in sessions, supporting me when I did not know what to say, whilst being flexible and allowing me to guide the conversation in areas I felt more confident or sure of myself.  

I was able to achieve far more in my time with Hannah than I would have ever predicted. After the first session, it was clear that I would no longer be able to hide from my potential. I knew Hannah was going to hold me accountable to my hopes and dreams and ensure that I was confidently living my best life without fear of judgement.

By session 2, I had made more moves towards my goals than I thought would be possible in the entire 12-week series. I am now unapologetically sharing my authentic self with the world. I have submitted a manuscript for publication and am sharing my poetry on social media. I am inspiring others to live their most authentic lives and take risks towards happiness.

I found coaching with Hannah to be empowering, aligning and inspiring, so much so that I have booked another coaching series with her to continue to support my journey!" 

Jessica Louise, Alberta, Canada

Poet @mywholesoul