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"I was confused with what I wanted to do with my career so I set a goal to find my purpose - the answer became clear just from the questions Hannah asked me in our first session. By the second session I was able to create a plan of action to help me set up my own business.

I would recommend Hannah to anyone who is struggling to define which career path to take, or needs that extra accountability to push their business forward. Hire Hannah, she will help tremendously."

Nancy Ramos, California USA.

Mum & Organiser for Home & Business @neatbynancy

Image by Allie Smith

"By session 2, I had made more moves towards my goals than I thought would be possible in the entire 12-week series. I am now unapologetically living my purpose and sharing my authentic self with the world. I have submitted a manuscript for publication and am sharing my poetry on social media. I am inspiring others to live their most authentic lives and take risks towards happiness.

I found coaching with Hannah to be empowering, aligning and inspiring, so much so that I have booked another coaching series with her to continue to support my journey!"

Jessica Louise, Alberta, Canada

Poet @mywholesoul

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