my story

I recently turned 30 and I live near the beautiful city of Bath in UK. As well as coaching, I love to work on my own personal and spiritual development and am passionate about living a toxic-free lifestyle.  I love to sing and am obsessed with astrology, podcasts and reality TV! I've kissed goodbye to my quarter-life crisis, but it wasn't always like that...


I was 27, utterly miserable, completely stuck with no idea which way to turn. I desperately wanted there to be more to life than work, eat, sleep - marry, children, die. I had loads of friends, but had never felt so alone watching them be perfectly content (or seemingly so) doing just those things.


It got to the point where I could no longer push my feelings down and distract myself with food, TV, nights out and day dreams that everything would be fine once I had ticked the house, marriage and baby boxes. I was tired, anxious, depressed and couldn't make a decision about ANYTHING - from my relationship, to my job, to what to cook for dinner! I had lost all sense of self (which we have when we are kids). Society had confused me and masked it all.


The moment that changed everything for me was when a therapist told me she couldn't help me. She said I needed to look deep inside myself to work out who I was and what I wanted. I felt shocked and devastated - I was seeing her to help me with all that stuff!! That pivotal moment propelled me into some serious soul searching.

I was already 'awake' somewhat - I was a deep thinker and questioned everything, but after getting more in touch with my spiritual side, it all made sense. I KNEW for sure that there was something else out there, something that we weren't taught at school or by our parents. This was the start of my true awakening. I woke up to the fact that everything I had ever been taught was a lie. This was tough because as much as I was relieved, I was also sad and angry. Mostly, I was terrified because I knew I couldn't continue to try and fit in and follow everyone else's path. I had to create my own - but my god it was worth it!

My journey to escaping my quarter-life crisis started with my purpose. See, I was conditioned, like the majority of us, to study, get a 9-5 job, buy a house, get married and have a baby, but it suddenly didn't make sense to me that the majority of us just go along with this construct, without question, like we have no say in it. I needed more than living for the weekends and holidays and it dawned on me that desperately trying to tick life's boxes was just a cover up. These things were never truly going to fulfil or complete me. I had to complete myself.

It really pissed me off that no-one had taught me another way! Within that anger though, I found passion. I realised that my purpose was to wake and shake up other women, helping them to escape their quarter-life crisis and find their purpose - their WHY! Through the anger I found excitement knowing that I could help change the world, one woman at a time...

I work with my clients to undo their conditioning and finally live life on their terms. Whether that be through getting paid to do something they love, being the most confident and clear headed they've ever been, letting go of people pleasing, or cultivating meaningful relationships and friendships. I help my clients to discover who they are, under all the shit and get them to come home to themselves - the person they were born to me.

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