life coaching

You're feeling stuck, lost and empty. Girl, I've got you!
I bet you're constantly comparing yourself to others, others who make you feel like you've failed. And I bet it has something to do with your expectations of these tick boxes...
A career you love
A decent salary
Found the one
Bought a house
Be married
Start a family
These are the things that society promises will bring us happiness and contentment but but the truth is, happiness doesn't come from a tick box, it comes from you. So whether you're on a desperate train to tick box town, or you've already ticked these boxes, I know you're here because you're feeling like there must be more, something deeper,
something for you, and you're desperate to find what it is.
I know how lonely and confusing it is to wonder what this thing called life is, especially when everyone else seems perfectly content just going through the motions! All you want to do is scream "I have no fucking idea what I'm doing but I know there MUST be more to life than this.''...
I'm here to tell you that there is, there is SO much more to life than this! And you should feel PROUD that you've acknowledged this within yourself, because too many people push these thoughts down.
Together, I will help you set goals and actions to help you undo whatever it is that's masking the true you right now, and discover your purpose - your WHY.
Which can make for changes in all areas of your life:
Your career, your relationships, your confidence, your health, so that you can start living the life of your dreams.
My clients feel more confident and OWN their life, they no longer suffer from comparisonitis! They find purpose through their passion and often go on to make this their pay check!
Now, are you ready to get out of your quarter-life crisis?
12 week
1 to 1 Coaching Series

Throughout our 12 weeks together, you will get:

(before your investment)

Discovery questionnaire

10 powerful questions to help you get clear on where you're at right now, how you want to feel and what you might like to get out of your coaching series.

 1 x 45 minute discovery session

We will chat through your questionnaire and uncover more about you and your potential goal areas. This is also an opportunity for you to get to know me and ask me any questions.

(after your investment)

• 1 x 90 minute goal and strategy session

We will look at where you want to be at the end of your 12 week series and I will support you to create some inspiring goals and actions to ensure you get there.

• 5 x 60 minute fortnightly sessions

During each session we will review your progress and you will continue to set actions in line with your goals, working together to undo any blocks that might be holding you back - I will be cheer-leading you the entire way!


• Unlimited email/Voxer (voice note) support

You will have unlimited access to me throughout your series to answer any questions and tackle any challenges you might be facing. I will also be checking in with you to keep you accountable and send you motivational words of encouragement! 

Research and recommendations

You will receive my recommendations, resources and worksheets tailored to you to further support you on your journey to the new you!

Sessions take place via Skype or phone.  

Your investment - £399
(monthly payment plan available)
1 off
1 to 1 Coaching Sessions

1 x 90 minute coaching sessions

Ideal for some guidance or support with something you've started exploring or been working on. Or an opportunity to see how we work together before committing to my 12 week coaching series. I will support you however I can with whatever you bring to the session.

*I can also offer support in between these sessions if you were to book a block.

Sessions take place via Skype or phone.

Your investment - £59
Have some questions? Book in for a FREE 15 minute clarity call with me to see whether I could be the coach for you - zero obligation!